Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is composed of five or more regular members elected from the NACRJ membership. 

NACRJ members are also invited to serve on various committees. Examples of Committees are listed below. Please contact the Advisory Council Chair to learn more about how and when you can be involved.



The Communications Committee explores options to strengthen and improve communication amongst NACRJ members and non-members. 


The purpose of the Visioning Committee is to convene a diverse group of restorative justice practitioners and academics in order to frame a vision for a more restorative world and to clarify the contribution NACRJ will make to that goal.

Law & Policy 

The Law & Policy Committee focuses on legislation, law and policy relating to restorative justice and social justice in state and national governments.

Research & Evaluation

The Research & Evaluation Committee monitors the ongoing research and evaluation needs of NACRJ, providing support for proposed research projects within the organization as well as disseminating and evaluating current research efforts within the field of restorative justice.  

Higher Education

The Higher Education Policy Committee develops recommendations and resource materials that provide guidance on the adoption and implementation of restorative justice practices on campuses and within departments at institutions of higher learning. 

 K-12 Education 

The K-12 Education Committee created the NACRJ policy statement on Restorative Justice in K-12 Education through the development of several components including belief statements, implementation guidelines and a list of resources from various national sources. 


Advisory Council Members

Chair: Chauna Perry Finch, MSW, K-12 Restorative Practices Trainer and Consultant. Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


  • Jasmyn Story, RJ and Human Rights
  • Haley Farrar, Community & Restorative Justice in Justice Systems
  • Lindsey Pointer, Restorative Practices Facilitation, Training and Research
  • Jonathan Scharrer, Practitioner, RJ in Higher Ed, Public Policy/Criminal Justice Reform
  • Sandra Pavelka, RJ and Legislative Policy
  • Vanessa Westley, RJ and Law Enforcement
  • J. Renee Trombley, Restorative Justice in Higher Education
  • Liz Manvell, K-12 School Based Restorative Practices