New Online Training Opportunities 2021-2022

FallSpring21.22 CRJP OnlineTrainingFlyer

The Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking at the University of Minnesota Duluth is offering several online trainings starting this month through April 2022. These trainings address a wide range of topics in restorative justice and peacemaking practices to strengthen facilitation techniques and provide a foundation for engaging multiple parties in healing conversations. Click the image above to view and download the flyer, and click here to learn more about each of the training offerings.

REGISTRATION OPEN - 8th NACRJ Conference (2022)

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Chicago Skyline (photo by Joanne Archibald)

8th NACRJ Conference - Registration NOW OPEN

Visit the 2022 Conference page to learn more about conference.  From there you can link to the 8th NACRJ Conference Website and explore all the exciting experiences being planned for the conference and keep track of new plans as they are added to the program.  You can can also register for the conference and make hotel reservations from the conference site.  We hope to see you in Chicago!!

We are, for the first time, offering three online options to stream or view a limited selection of conference events and sessions.  To learn more about our virtual options and the costs visit the 8th NACRJ Conference Website

2020 Mini-Grant Recipients


In 2020 the NACRJ Mini-Grant program had been placed on hold as we sought additional funding. A generous donor provided funding needed to reopen the 2020 Mini Grant program, and we were able to award grants to seven remarkable applicants. Last year was difficult year for all of us, so it is with great pleasure that NACRJ was able to award Mini-Grants to seven outstanding individuals and organizations. Every day their work advances the field and helps to realize our motto "Shaping Justice for the 21st Century".

Please join us in congratulating all of the 2020 NACRJ Mini-Grant Recipients for their exceptionally unique work promoting safe, just and equitable communities. Award recipients can be viewed here.

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A Circle to Acknowledge anti-Asian Violence

A Circle to Acknowledge anti-Asian Violence (Mar. 25, 2021)

This event will be focused on creating space for reflection and sharing based on last week's attack and other growing anti-Asian sentiment and actions.

Registration:   CLICK HERE

Note:  Youth are welcome to join us if they certify that they have received parent(s) or guardian(s) consent. 

Note:  This is FREE event but registration is required.

Registration Deadline:   Thursday, Mar. 25, 2021 at 3 pm (all time zones)

Capacity:  150 Attendees

"Reimagining Justice": A Virtual Restorative Justice Art Show

RJ Art Show

The National Center on Restorative Justice at Vermont Law School is thrilled to present Reimagining Justice, a virtual restorative justice art show!

The artists featured in this collection were asked to consider a very important question: How can we use the power of images to communicate the concept of restorative justice and the greater philosophical shift at work to a wider audience?

We received 23 submissions from around the world and were amazed by the creativity and insight of the artists. We hope that you enjoy exploring their work!

The Reimagining Justice Art Show will run from November 18th-22nd, 2020 in celebration of International Restorative Justice Week. At the end of the week, we will award three Viewer’s Choice Awards. After you visit the show, please take a moment to vote for your favorite image.

Click here to view the collection.

"Reimagining Justice": A Restorative Justice Art Contest

RJ art contest

How can we portray Restorative Justice through images?

Images play a powerful role in communicating complex ideas. Indeed, it is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

There are many images used to symbolize the retributive approach to justice-making including police handcuffs, prison bars, a courtroom, a judge’s gavel, and Lady Justice with her blindfold, sword, and scales.

There are comparatively very few images to symbolize the restorative approach to justice-making. The most common images used are of a handshake or a group of people seated in a circle, which do not communicate significant conceptual depth to someone new to restorative justice.

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April 11-20, 2021

Relational Schools: Guiding School Wide Restorative Transformation

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Global eConference for educators and school administrators who are dedicated to implementing proactive strategies for relational wellbeing for students, staff and parents

NACRJ is joining with the organizers of RJ World 2020 to enable multiple learning streams in a unique interactive social platform. Attendees will be able to hear presentations and panels that are tuned to beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Enjoy the 10 day event from the comfort of your own home or office. New presentations will be released each day - on-demand - to be viewed at your convenience for the remainder of the conference. Zoom panel sessions will be aired live and replayed 24x7.

Conferrence Program - LINK


NACRJ has secured a limited number of half price tickets to the upcoming Relational Schools World eConference in April. Now you and your colleagues can experience 10 days with leading international restorative specialists, enjoying presentations and live panels.

The first twenty tickets sold using NACRJ's unique URL (below) and the discount code "INSIDER" at checkout will receive a 50% discount


If you use this LINK to register, a portion of registration fees will be shared with NACRJ as a sponsor.

Vermont Law School Lands National RJ Center

pThis spring the Vermont Law School (VLS) was awarded a $3-million federal grant to create and host the National Center on Restorative Justice.

VLS will be coordinating new efforts for RJ educational opportunities and research initiatives that will help shape and move forward restorative practices in both criminal justice systems and educational institutions throughout the United States. Senator Patrick Leahy, long-time champion of justice reform, was instrumental in helping to secure the funding.

The National Center on Restorative Justice will be comprised of a partnership between three academic institutions. Vermont Law School is the only law school in the nation to offer a master’s degree in RJ as a stand-alone degree or in conjunction with a law degree. University of Vermont brings research expertise and an established program of educating incarcerated individuals. University of San Diego provides geographical diversity and extensive experience in delivering national RJ trainings and curriculum design.

Read more from the Vermont Law School. 

Publication of Colorizing Restorative Justice

Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Realities is now published and available from Living Justice Press. This anthology, with 18 chapters, engages issues of colonialization, racism, and systemic harm within the restorative justice movement.

CRJ FINAL.WEBFrom the introduction by editor Edward C. Valandra: “The twenty authors of color in this book raise unsettling issues about restorative situated in white supremacist settler societies that sustain deep roots in European invasion and colonizing. The contradiction between restorative practices and the Western, white supremacist, settler societies in which we practice them is inherent. We People of Color and Indigenous Peoples have not created the contradiction. It is there. But we collectively experience this contradiction in ways Whites do not. We feel an urgency about addressing this contradiction that our White settler colleagues seem not to perceive or express. We also feel an urgency about critically informing communities of color and Indigenous communities that this contradiction, while not of our making or choosing, is one we negotiate in restorative justice.”

In this book, older voices join with new voices. “It is my hope that (these voices) land on ears willing to hear their wisdom that will enrich and perhaps even transform the RJ journey, even when the wisdom is uncomfortable.”  - Harley Eagle

Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Relaties is now available from Living Justice Press, bookstores and other outlets.