Honoring Sheryl R. Wilson and Dr. Mara Schiff

Sheryl plaque

Mara plaque

Many thanks to Sheryl R. Wilson and Dr. Mara Schiff for their years of service to NACRJ. Both are founding board members and have been deeply involved in many aspects of the organization’s growth and development over the past eleven years. We extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to them as their role on the board comes to an end this month.

Thank you Ms. Wilson and Dr. Schiff for all you have done, and for all you will continue to do for the fields of community and restorative justice! To read more about Ms. Wilson and Dr. Schiff, please visit:

Sheryl R. Wilson
Dr. Mara Schiff

We will be announcing six new members who have recently been appointed to the board - stay tuned!