Publication of Colorizing Restorative Justice

Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Realities is now published and available from Living Justice Press. This anthology, with 18 chapters, engages issues of colonialization, racism, and systemic harm within the restorative justice movement.

CRJ FINAL.WEBFrom the introduction by editor Edward C. Valandra: “The twenty authors of color in this book raise unsettling issues about restorative situated in white supremacist settler societies that sustain deep roots in European invasion and colonizing. The contradiction between restorative practices and the Western, white supremacist, settler societies in which we practice them is inherent. We People of Color and Indigenous Peoples have not created the contradiction. It is there. But we collectively experience this contradiction in ways Whites do not. We feel an urgency about addressing this contradiction that our White settler colleagues seem not to perceive or express. We also feel an urgency about critically informing communities of color and Indigenous communities that this contradiction, while not of our making or choosing, is one we negotiate in restorative justice.”

In this book, older voices join with new voices. “It is my hope that (these voices) land on ears willing to hear their wisdom that will enrich and perhaps even transform the RJ journey, even when the wisdom is uncomfortable.”  - Harley Eagle

Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Relaties is now available from Living Justice Press, bookstores and other outlets.