Vermont Law School Lands National RJ Center

pThis spring the Vermont Law School (VLS) was awarded a $3-million federal grant to create and host the National Center on Restorative Justice.

VLS will be coordinating new efforts for RJ educational opportunities and research initiatives that will help shape and move forward restorative practices in both criminal justice systems and educational institutions throughout the United States. Senator Patrick Leahy, long-time champion of justice reform, was instrumental in helping to secure the funding.

The National Center on Restorative Justice will be comprised of a partnership between three academic institutions. Vermont Law School is the only law school in the nation to offer a master’s degree in RJ as a stand-alone degree or in conjunction with a law degree. University of Vermont brings research expertise and an established program of educating incarcerated individuals. University of San Diego provides geographical diversity and extensive experience in delivering national RJ trainings and curriculum design.

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