Restorative Justice Coalition Directory

Coalitions cover any collaborative group that serves multiple RJ programs or agencies in a given geographical area (states, state, counties, county). By definition, coalitions do not provide direct restorative services to people, as they operate at a higher, wider networking level.

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Utah Administrative Office of the Courts

Bart MacKay
Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

St Paul Public Schools and St. Paul Federation of Teachers

Rebecca McCammon
Restorative Practice Program Coordinator


Nancy Riestenberg
Restorative Practices Specialist, School Safety Technical Assistance Center

Stoessel, Katherine


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Directory Individual Members

Restorative Solutions, Inc.

Randy Compton
President, Co-founder

Minnesota Department of Education

Nancy Riestenberg
Restorative Practices Specialist

Turning Point Partners

Jean Handley
Executive Director