In Remembrance

Sri Lankans, We Grieve With You

We wish to extend our sadness along with our solidarity for all peoples of Sri Lanka who now mourn the tragic loss of life due to the recent Easter bombings in several cities of that country. The devastating impact to hundreds of families is beyond imagination. We grieve with you.

PKHC12232014 2Certainly the trauma of such unpredictable violence is magnified by the memories of the recent 26-year old civil war which for many can make it all the more difficult to make sense out of the senseless. Our hope is that restorative responses can bring both healing and empowerment to those most affected. We recognize too that authors such as Iromi Dharmawardhane have already pioneered the way for the possibility of implementing restorative measures that can even help rehabilitate those who have been schooled in the ways of violence. (See her article, “Sri Lanka’s Post-Conflict Strategy: Restorative Justice for Rebels and Rebuilding of Conflict-affected Communities.”)