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Conference Hosts RJ Legislation Advocacy Meeting

legislationLegislators and justice system administrators are increasingly reforming their criminal and juvenile justice agendas to provide responses to crime and wrongful occurrences by developing and implementing restorative legislation and policies. In addition, school districts across the country are revising their codes of conduct to include restorative practices for disciplinary means. To date, 39 states have RJ/BA/BARJ policies in state statute or code.

On Saturday, June 15, 5:30 PM (in the Director's Row E room) Dr. Sandra Pavelka will be meeting with any NACRJ members who want to work on an Ad Hoc Law and Policy Work Group. The work group would serve as a think-tank focused on law and policy advocacy, coming up with developmental ideas, strategies and documents that will help NACRJ strengthen its capacity as an advocacy organization. Please consider attending this National Law and Policy Initiative. Read more about RJ legislation in the United States.