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The National Association of Community and Restorative Justice promotes effective forms of justice that are safe, just, equitable, sustainable, reparative and socially constructive, addressing not only crime, but conflict, incivility, injustice and all forms of harm. NACRJ hosts the biennial National Conference of Community and Restorative Justice, and provides supports for members.

"Shaping Justice for the 21st Century"


We envision a safe and equitable world where restorative interactions transform individuals, relationships, communities and systems through the prevention, repair and deep healing of harm.


We advance community and restorative justice as a social movement by serving people and organizations committed to building community and addressing harm.  NACRJ provides guidance and support to establish high quality practices with fidelity to restorative principles.

Remembering RJ Leader Dr. Burt Galaway (1937-2020)

Restorative justice leader Dr. Burt Galaway passed away May 14, 2020. Dr. Galaway is remembered as a devoted colleague, mentor and friend. He was an early key member of the restorative justice movement responsible for bringing his research and vast knowledge of community and restorative justice to countries all over the world.

Dr. Galaway started his research in community justice in the 1970s, which set the stage for the growing restorative justice movement. He organized the first known RJ conference in 1990 near Pisa, Italy. Since then, RJ programs have been implemented and conferences have bloomed across the globe, continuing to bring RJ researchers and advocates together.

Dr. Galaway was a pioneer in community and restorative justice. His work paved the way for today’s offender and victim mediation programs. For many in the leadership of NACRJ he has served as a role model and mentor. We recognize and appreciate his deep contributions to the field, and his lasting global impact is an inspiration to all of us.

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National Conferences

The 8th NACRJ Conference in Chicago is now set for July 7-9, 2022. Please print this Save the Date flyer to inform others.

NACRJ 8th Conference, Chicago July 7 to 9, 2022

 2022 Conference Flyer (PDF)

The 7th NACRJ Conference in Denver (June 14-16, 2019) set a new record with over 1600 in attendance! Recordings of all major sessions from this year's conference are now be ready for all to hear on our Conference 2019 Recordings page. A YouTube recording the Motus Theater performance has recent been added.  This is a great way to extend the highlights of the conference to others.

Please note that we have also listed all of our 2019 award recipients under each respective award category.

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