Black History Month Celebrates Just Mercy

Just Mercy Official PosterThis February we are celebrating Black History Month by highlighting the 2020 launch of the new movie, Just Mercy. Based on Bryan Stevenson's page-turning book, the story covers the defense attorney's legacy of helping wrongfully-convicted black men on death row to be freed from their imprisonments. Read more about the story, the book, the film, and ongoing legal efforts on the Equal Justice Initiatives website.  A nice way to get introduced to Stevenson is to listen to his TED Talk, We Need To Talk About An Injustice.  This 24-minute video has an amazing anecdote at the end about a black courthouse janitor who chose to attend a hearing.

To read more about Black History Month, the History Channel website features the origins, history, and current 2020 theme on voting. Did you know that the NAACP was founded in 1909 during February on the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday (1809)?

330px Bryan Stevenson at TED 2012Finally, Bryan Stevenson will be the keynote speaker in Duluth, Minnesota, this coming June 15, the 100th anniversary of the lynching of three young black men which drew a crowd of 10,000 back in 1920. As the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial in Duluth is the first lynching memorial constructed in the United States (2003), Stevenson, who promoted the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama (which opened in 2018) will be attending this significant anniversary. Perhaps you too would like to attend!