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National Assessment of Restorative Justice Legislation and Policy

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A 2016 article by Dr. Sandra Pavelka provides updated information on how state legislation policies across the nation that have incorporated restorative justice language and program-promotion in statute or code. Legislators and justice system administrators have reformed their juvenile justice agenda from punitive actions to a means that provides responses to crime and wrongful occurrences by developing and implementing restorative legislation and policies.

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NACRJ Headlines

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NACRJ Policy Statement on Restorative Justice in K-12 Education

During the March 31, 2017 meeting of the NACRJ Board of Directors a proposed policy statement on restorative justice practices in K-12 education was approved.  The text of the policy statement is:

Policy Statement:

1. The National Association of Community and Restorative (NACRJ) Justice Board of Directors seek to promote policies and procedures that allow for restorative justice practices to be implemented in K-12 schools.  In support of the policy position NACRJ is calling for:

a. All state education agencies to provide technical assistance to local school districts on the practice and implementation of “whole school” restorative practices.
b. Local education agencies, charter schools and non-public schools to adopt school or institution-wide climate practices to foster caring relationships and discipline policies that employ social engagement over social control.  
c. Institutions of higher education to include the theory and practice of restorative justice in schools as part of teacher and school administrator licensure programs.
d. Adults working with youth to adopt restorative practices for their own use, including building healthy relationships between each other, and have policies in place to repair harm that may occur with conflicts between and among adults involved in educational systems.

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National Conferences

Our 6th NACRJ Conference was held in Oakland, CA on June 16-18, 2017 with three pre-conference training sessions on June 15, 2017.  We had 1,319 attendees, terrific keynote/plenary sessions and cultural performances, nearly 300 presentations, an awards ceremony, and a concert by "dead prez".  

Look for audio recordings of keynotes, interviews, photos and more coming soon to this website.

Check out past NACRJ Conferences (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017) from the Conferences tab.

Planning for our 7th NACRJ Conference has begun.  It will be in Denver, CO (June 14-16, 2019) with Pre-Conference Training Sessions on June 13, 2019.  Put it on your calendar.  We want to see you there.

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