NACRJ Mini-Grant Program

The NACRJ mini-grant program began in 2016, and to date, has dispersed over $40,000.00 in funds to members around the country. It has been our goal to make the application process as simple as possible – hopefully a departure from other grant application procedures. In addition, the selection committee is comprised of a diverse group of practitioners from our membership, who work together to select projects which most closely align with restorative justice principles.

Mini-Grant Proposal Form

2020 Mini-Grant Program REOPENED for Spring 2021

Recently received donor funds have allowed NACRJ to call for submission of grant proposals.

  • Submissions for the reopened 2020 Mini-Grant Program may now be submitted
  • NEW Deadline for grant submissions:  March 31, 2021 (at 11:45 pm CT)
  • Submit Grant Applications HERE (after March 2, 2021)

Range of Mini-Grant allotments: $500 to $5,000 per recipient

Mini-Grant Purpose and Process

The purpose of NACRJ’s mini-grant program is beautifully captured in our mission statement:

We advance community and restorative justice as a social movement by serving people and organizations committed to building community and addressing harm. NACRJ provides guidance and support to establish high quality practices with fidelity to restorative principles.

We believe that providing an annual mini-grant opportunity to our members is one important way for us to fulfill our mission. Although mini-grant criteria may vary a bit year to year, some fundamental components that play into the criteria for selection include:

  • Extent to which the proposal supports the NACRJ mission and vision
  • Capacity of the proposal for promoting and strengthening community and restorative practices
  • Clarity of how mini-grant funds contribute to the project’s goal, making logical connections between activities and desired outcomes
  • Leveraging of funds for maximal and long-lasting impact
  • Number of people and variety of people groups served
  • Focus on equity and emphasis on sustainability of project 

Organizational structure:

  1. Mini-Grant Oversight Committee (chaired by the NACRJ Treasurer)
  2. Mini-Grant Review Committee (operates under the guidance of the Oversight Committee)
  3. Mini-Grant Recipient (organization or individual administering the project) 

Responsibilities of the Mini-Grant Oversight Committee

  1. Assess and announce total amount of funding for an upcoming grant cycle
  2. Oversee all aspects of the submission process and related communications
  3. Pass on all grant proposals to the Mini-Grant Review Committee
  4. Communicate terms and arrangements with selected grantees
  5. Distribute moneys and contracts to grantees
  6. Receive reports and evaluations from grantees
  7. Provide narration of project results for NACRJ communications

Responsibilities of a Mini-Grant Review Committee

  1. Receive and organize all proposals from submitters
  2. Jury all proposals within a designated time frame and select grantees
  3. Communicate results to awarded grantees and those not qualifying
  4. Report all activities back to Mini-Grant Oversight Committee chair

Responsibilities of a Mini-Grant Recipient

  1. Submit a proposal for a 12-month period of activities (Jan. 1 to Jan. 1 cycle)
  2. Confirm reception of funds and submit signed contract before Jan. 1
  3. Submit a mid-year progress report of activities by July 15
  4. Notify Mini-Grant Oversight Committee of any major variance to goals or outcomes
  5. Submit a final end-of-year report by January 15 which includes a one-page summary statement for posting online
  6. Participate in a post-project evaluation process with Oversight Committee

The NORMAL Mini-Grant Annual Cycle (we anticipate resuming this cycle later this year)

  1. August 1 Posting of initial announcement for new proposals
  2. September 1 Mini-Grant Review Committee determined
  3. October 1 Final deadline for submitting proposals
  4. November 15 All submitters and grantee recipients notified
  5. December 1 Terms and contracts finalized with grantees
  6. December 15 All monies sent to grantees; contracts signed
  7. January 15 Past year grantees submit final report
  8. March 1 Past year project evaluations completed
  9. July 15 Current year grantees submit mid-year progress report

NACJR annual Mini Grant submission period is the months of August and September


For questions regarding NACRJ’s Mini-Grant Program, contact executive director Mike Gilbert, or the current NACRJ Treasurer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).