Pre-Conference Workshops 2019

This conference registration information is not active. Our 2022 Conference website is live here.

NACRJ offers several Pre-Conference Workshops on Thursday, June 13, 2019, the day before the start of the conference on June 14, 2019.  The Pre-Conference Workshops are not part of the main conference on June 14-16, 2019.  Registration for a pre-conference workshop requires a separate registration and additional fees.  There are two half-day sessions (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), and there are three full day sessions.


Half-day Sessions

  • Healing Historical Harm: Rocks, Karma, Arrows (Motus Theater, 50 seats)  Morning of June 13
  • Trauma-Informed Restorative Practices: Considerations for RJ Programs and Practitioners (50 seats) Afternoon of June 13

Full-day Sessions

  • Open Space (150 seats)
  • Student Led Workshop (50 seats)
  • RJ 101 – Justice, Education, Community (150 seats)

For more information on the Pre-Conference Workshops on June 13, 2019 use the on-line registration link and select the "Pre-Conference" tab.  You don't have to register for the conference to view information about the conference. 

Proceed from here to the CVent Pre-Conference Registration site.